deliver the most authentic donation and assistance plan in the simplest way, and vote on the chain in the most fair and just way;

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What is RedRuby?

Redrubydao is run by the nature of community autonomy. To solve the difficult problem of corruption in charitable funds, we should use the Dao approach to all participants around the world. Everyone is both a donor and a Dao manager. Here, you can know the whereabouts of each donation and the way and process of participating in the rescue, listen to their stories, sublimate their inner soul, and show people's value;

You can also participate in the creation of Dao as a participant, each proposal, and help those in need; You can also apply for platform Dao and create your own charity Dao to make the hope of love pass further.

Vision and objectives of RedRuby token

We will give 10% as Dao consensus donation, The donor will receive the donation voucher NFT rights and interests airdrop (the donation voucher is unique and has subsequent rights and interests); the first phase is limited to 1000 bnbs, and 100000 red ruby tokens will be obtained for each BNB donated; the second phase is limited to 3000, with a ratio of 1bnb: 20000 red Ruby tokens (holding donation vouchers with priority participation rights) 5000 bnbs in phase III; the ratio is 1:10000; there are three phases in total;

the opening time of phase II and phase III is determined by the market, the theoretical upper limit of donation vouchers is 8000, and if there is any surplus, it will be destroyed; 5.4 billion will be destroyed directly on the line, 5% of the transaction sliding point: 1% of the charity fund, and 4% will be permanently locked in the LP pool

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Frequently asked questions

Where to buy?

Decentralized exchange PanCakeswap:

How do I use RRB?

RRB can be used to launch e-money and community governance tokens

What if my deal fails?

Since there is no middleman involved in the processing, there will be no loss in the intra chain transaction.

How to get the latest project information?

You can join our telegraph group discussion。Air drop from time to time

Token allocation

100 million RRB tokens are locked in 2 years (until Q1 / 2023 - mainet lauching) and the current circulating supply is 5 billion RRB (before the release of the main program, we may partially lock the token to increase the value of RRB)

More token information

Token Name: RedRubyDao
Symbol: RRB
Total supply :10,000,000,000 RRB
No circulating supply

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